Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, organized a special food safety campaign to “guard the bottom line, check hidden dangers and ensure safety”

The Chinese quality network To further prevent resolve food safety risks, maintaining the city’s food safety “global annual” stability, recently, the fuzhou city of jiangxi province in market supervision bureau held the party and government staff will research reviewed the food safety in the city “the bottom line, check hidden trouble, safe” special operation plan, the special operation mobilization deployment.This special action requires each county (district) market supervision department to combine the development of food industry and daily supervision of the actual situation,Focus easily cause systemic risk, regional in key areas, key link, key subject, focus on food production safety, food safety regulation of business, catering services food safety regulation, safety regulation, campus special food safety regulation, food of problems existing in the supervision and sampling inspection monitoring, scrutiny endanger food safety violations,We will strictly guard against, supervise and control food safety risks, and do our best to ensure that every bite of food is safe for the people.The special operation will be carried out in four stages from mid-February to early June.The first is to mobilize the deployment (mid-February), the requirements of the upper and lower linkage, integrated promotion, continuous and multiple forms of publicity activities, to create a good social atmosphere.Second, a comprehensive investigation (from late February to March 20) was conducted to sort out clues of problems reflected in supervision and inspection, random inspection and monitoring, case investigation and handling, complaints and reports, and media exposure, and form a list of risks and hidden dangers, and list rectification measures, expected results, and schedule item by item.The third is centralized rectification (late March to May 20), according to the risk and hidden danger found in the investigation and clear work measures in the plan, rectification in strict accordance with the schedule, eliminate the hidden trouble.Fourth, review and evaluation (late May to early June), comprehensively assess the rectification of risks and hidden dangers, summarize experience and practices, and establish a long-term mechanism for long-term promotion.(Correspondent Yao Yuan)

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