Linwei district held a special hire plan to recruit agricultural skills assessment will be

April 7, Linwei district agricultural technology center organized the special program of agricultural technical personnel to recruit personnel skills assessment.The assessment will invite the district Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, district finance bureau in charge of the leadership and in charge of the unit office.Linwei agricultural technology center in accordance with the “nothing more, that is called the box” and “open recruitment, recruit and strict appraisal” principle, through to the local agriculture, farming experts, new agricultural management main body technology backbone, professional farmers investigation research and interview interview, individual application and recruitment preparation such as announcement, a total of nine people to sign up and through the qualification audit,Participate in this selection assessment.At the meeting, the examinees reported their work from the basic conditions, post conditions, work experience, work performance and other aspects. The examination team asked questions from the development policies, technical measures and existing problems of the industry they were engaged in, and the examinees answered them one by one.The skills assessment will be carried out in strict accordance with the assessment scheme and procedures, and 8 candidates will be selected as the preliminary candidates for special agricultural technicians through the scoring links, involving grape, kiwi, cherry, walnut and grain industries.Finally, district Agriculture and Rural bureau Wang Hongju deputy director stressed: one is to improve understanding, enhance the sense of responsibility.Under the background of consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and the effective connection of rural revitalization, the district agricultural technology center and the specially hired personnel should plan ahead and do a good job, train a service team that can accurately serve the needs of the industry, solve the problems of production technology and lead the masses to get rich, and provide timely and effective universal services for the industry in Linwei District.Second, we need to be innovative and responsible.Hope everybody diligently study, willing to teach, obey the distinguished various measures for the management of agricultural members, clear job responsibilities, on the basis of the comprehensive evaluation task, characterize, formation, forming a batch of replicable, typical agro-technique extension mode, which can be promoted to district advantage characteristic industry development, rural revitalization of the positive contribution.Third, we need to strengthen management and ensure effective work.During the service period of specially hired agricultural technicians, the satisfaction rate of service objects and the quality and efficiency of solving practical problems of industrial development should be taken as the main assessment indicators. Scientific and effective management of “one industry, one policy, one person, one method” should be carried out to implement the work responsibilities and form joint work forces to ensure the smooth implementation of the special employment plan.Source: Weinan Agricultural Technology Contribution: Linwei District Agricultural Technology Center editor: Dong Xuan

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