OPPO conscience product, Snapdragon 888+64 megapixel triple shot, as low as 1,799 yuan

In fact, many consumers do not have a good impression of OPPO, because in the early years, it did launch many mobile phone products with low configuration but not cheap price, which was ridiculed by users as the representative of “high price and low configuration”.However, OPPO can achieve the top three position in The domestic market by not purely relying on marketing. It must have its own unique products, so as to become the top leading enterprise in the industry, especially the appearance design and product optimization for different groups, which can be said to be a magic weapon for OPPO to win in the market.In addition, OPPO did not give up the cost-effective market, but aimed at the cost-effective market. OPPO did not go out of business, but established a subsidiary, RealMe brand, to focus on the cost-effective market.It can be said that RealMe enjoys the supply chain resources and after-sale network of stores provided by OPPO, which enables RealMe to focus on cost-effective products. Moreover, without other expenses, RealMe has the budget and energy to polish products, and has launched many cost-effective products.Take the Realme GT, which caught fire last year.In terms of appearance design, RealME GT is still very exquisite. In addition to the conventional color matching, RealME GT still retains a very distinctive yellow and black color matching. The back cover is made of glass and plain leather materials, with a very outstanding feel.Even the ordinary glass version has a special treatment. The light texture is similar to the track under sunlight, highlighting the overall sense of speed, which also coincides with the positioning of realme GT itself as a high-performance flagship.It also retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, which takes good care of gamers and allows them to play games while charging.Of course, since it is a performance flagship that pursues speed, the screen still needs top configuration. Realme GT chooses Samsung’S OLED screen and adopts non-comprehensive screen design, which is suitable for daily play of game players. The resolution reaches the level of FHD+ and supports 120Hz high refresh rate and 360Hz high touch sampling rate.The overall speed is quite fast.The screen also supports 4096 levels of dimming, which is extremely natural even in complex lighting environments.In terms of performance, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip is supported. I believe everyone should be familiar with this processor chip, which is the standard chip of last year’s flagship phone. With excellent performance, the running score of Antutu can reach about 800,000.The RealMe GT also comes with a storage combination of LPDDR5 RAM and UFS3.1 ROM, which is currently top-of-the-line.Both the software installation and the game loading process run smoothly.Mobile phone carries a 4500mAh battery, and also supports 65W flash charge, only takes about 30 minutes, you can fill the phone, can be said to be the leader of the same price.In photography, Realme GT can only be said to be relatively normal, the rear equipped with a set of three camera configuration, respectively 64 million pixel ultra clear lens, the secondary camera is an 8 million pixel ultra wide Angle lens and a 2 million pixel macro lens, the front for a 16 million pixel lens, to meet the daily needs.From the hardware point of view, realme GT’s camera power is not as good as the performance, but it is also useless, belongs to the daily needs can meet.In terms of product positioning, RealMe GT is very accurate, aiming at students and young people who just came from society. These people have the pursuit of performance, but the budget is not high, so RealMe GT is still a very good choice. At present, this mobile phone has dropped from 2,799 yuan to 1,799 yuan.Belong to a very high cost performance of a product.

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