Why do Koreans regard Park Bo-young and Choi Woo-sik, who are not the most beautiful and handsome actresses, as ideal?

As we all know, South Korea is home to beautiful men and women, with several Korean actresses among the top 50 most beautiful faces in 2021.Recently, the CEO of a well-known dating website appeared on SBS to reveal the most popular male and female faces in the dating market, and the results came as a surprise to many.Read on to find out what koreans have chosen to look like.The CEO pointed out, The most popular looks for people today are those that look like they are around you, but there is no such thing. Take entertainment stars like Choi Woo-sik and Park Bo-young for example.The result surprised many, as Choi and Park are well-known actors with both strength and good looks, but they are not among the most attractive in the south Korean entertainment industry, which is full of beautiful men and women.However, although Choi woo-sik is not a handsome man, many people think he looks like an ordinary Korean, but if you look closely, you can find that choi woo-sik’s facial features are not so common.When he doesn’t smile, his normal single eyelid feels a little cold, but when he does smile, the corners of his eyes droopy like a cute and warm puppy dog. Coupled with his small nose, smooth face and height of 1.81 cm, this contrast makes him the ideal type for many people.Similarly, Park Bo-young, though not an exquisite beauty, has an easygoing atmosphere and a sister-next-door look that makes her an ideal wife for many boys.Park bo-young has a single eyelid, but her eyes are large and round, which does not cover her eyes, and when she smiles, her eyes are crescent-shaped, giving her a warm and lovely look that is not ubiquitous.

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