Parents’ love: why did Wang xiue become confident after helping Jack deliver his baby once?

Guide language: “parents love” what liu Tianchi personates inside is old ding’s first wife Wang Xiue, can say Liu Tianchi is in this drama Wang Xiue, contributed the acting like textbook to the audience.At the same time, she appeared with a humorous temperament, but she collected many virtues of traditional women in that era. Although she was always talking up, she actually felt inferior in front of Jack.But why did Wang xiue become confident after she delivered Jack once?Wang Xiue was a typical rural woman at that time. Looking at her age, although She was three years older than Ding, she should have been much older than Jiang Dehua. However, because Wang Xiue worked hard all the year round, she did not pay attention to maintaining herself.The clothes and clothes were all sloppy, so Wang xiu ‘e looked much older than Jack and Jiang Dehua.Jack is an educated, young and beautiful city woman. Wang xiu ‘e thinks jack is inferior even if she doesn’t admit it.Therefore, although she usually chatted happily with Jiang Dehua and arranged Jack in private with jiang Dehua, in fact, in front of Jack, Wang Xiue was afraid in her heart.In fact, most of this psychology comes from her expectation of urban women, especially beautiful and cultured urban women like Jack.In addition, Lao Ding’s attitude towards Jack and Lao Ding’s attitude towards Wang Xiu ‘e show that although Wang Xiu ‘e is uneducated, she is not insensitive as a female.She knew very well that women like Jack were the type old Ding really liked.Old Ding is only responsibility to her, see these things, Wang Xiu e’s heart is actually more inferior!Jack was always arrogant and didn’t get along well with his sister-in-law Jiang Dehua at the very beginning. Wang Xiu ‘e was jiang dehua’s best friend, so Jack didn’t like Wang Xiu ‘e very much, so he always ignored her.Jack knew that she had quarreled with Jiang dehua many times, and Wang Xiu ‘e must have played no good role in the middle. With this understanding, he did not like dealing with Wang Xiu ‘e any more!However, when Jack gave birth to his second child, it was midnight, so Both Ding and Jiang Defu went to live in the dormitory, leaving jack, Jiang Dehua and Sun Ma in the family, but Jack was going to give birth at midnight.In jack’s and Grandmama’s mind, women must go to the hospital to give birth, so at this moment, Jack and Grandmama were panicked and had no idea.Jiang Dehua himself has not given birth to children, so it is not in charge of the overall situation.At the critical moment, it was Wang Xiue who became the backbone of these women. She not only stabilized the situation, but also successfully delivered Jack and his baby.To some extent, Wang Xiue is indeed the saviour of Jack and his son. If it were not for Wang Xiue, Jack would not have known where he would have gone.The next day the doctor came to check up and said everything was fine with Jack and the baby.Old Ding went home and told Wang Xiu ‘e about Jack next door. Wang Xiu ‘e was not in a good mood, but very calm. Even ding did not know Wang Xiu ‘e.From then on, Wang Xiue seemed to raise her head and behave in front of Jack. She was much more confident and confident. Then why did Wang Xiue change?Jack’s attitude towards her has also changed. Jack is grateful to Wang Xiu ‘e and his voice of “sister-in-law” is more sincere.And through this thing, Wang Xiue understood that in fact, the city women are not great, the critical moment also depends on her to control the situation, so Wang Xiue has become a lot of confidence, isn’t it?

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