Officer xuan!The new identity of the famous actor has been revealed

Quickly click the picture below Nan Wan ‘er fans of the exclusive welfare free to get ice dun dun!According to the IIHF’s official wechat account on February 10, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) announced on Sunday that It has officially invited Chinese film and television star Wu Jing to be the world Hockey Ambassador.Wu’s appointment comes at a time when China’s winter sports are heating up in the run-up to the Beijing Winter Olympics. Ice hockey, the only sport with physical competition in winter sports, is rapidly expanding across The country.Beijing alone, the site of the Winter Olympics, is home to nearly 10,000 hockey players and families.That’s several times more than when Zhangjiakou, Beijing, won the bid to host the Winter Olympics, and the Beijing Junior Hockey League is now the largest in Asia.And in order to promote sport, especially in China to promote sport, the international ice hockey federation use two winter games held in Asia, in addition to spare no effort to bring the best in the world hockey player into to Olympic hockey game, and at the same time set up Chinese, Russian, Korean many languages, such as social networking platform to let more Chinese sports fans know, ice hockey,Learn about hockey culture so that you can enjoy hockey and attract more youth and sports families to participate in hockey programs.”The INTERNATIONAL Ice Hockey Federation is proud to have Wu Jing as an ambassador for the Winter Olympic Games.Wu Jing is one of The biggest stars in Chinese film and television. He has a positive influence on and off screen and is an excellent role model for Chinese youth.We are grateful to him for helping us grow the sport of hockey through his influence.””I hope he can call on more fans to cheer for the Chinese ice hockey team and cheer for the performance of the Chinese ice hockey team in the Winter Olympics,” the ambassador concluded.”I watched several games of The Chinese women’s ice hockey team during the Winter Olympics. They were very exciting and we were moved by their excellent performance in fighting for glory for the country.Ice hockey is a sport worth watching. There are teamwork and collisions, and many techniques of holding the stick are very similar to the martial arts of horse in ancient China. I hope you can pay more attention to the ice hockey match and cheer for the Chinese ice hockey team.I am honored to be the INTERNATIONAL Ice Hockey Federation’s world ambassador for hockey, and I hope to encourage more children and families to participate in the sport of ice hockey, “wu said.Wu Jing also posted a message on his micro blog, wishing the Chinese hockey team good luck and come on!Source | IIHF international ice hockey federation official WeChat, Wu Jingwei zhang ning bo editors pay MengYing issue | |

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