Weihai Wendeng District on the continuation of the implementation of all static tissue nucleic acid testing notice

Public friends: Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, please stay at home on April 6 and stay at home until 6 o ‘clock on April 7. Please wait for further arrangements.Nucleic acid screening will continue tomorrow in key areas. Citizens are requested to take nucleic acid tests at designated places according to unified arrangements made by towns and villages. When sampling, please keep a distance of 3 meters, do not chat or linger, and take good personal protection.Staying at home is the most effective way to stop the spread of the virus. Please do not go out, go downstairs, or gather together. Pay close attention to the information released by authorities in time.The newly restored order of production and life has been “suspended” due to the epidemic. You may feel uneasy and regretful, but please believe that with the solidarity of the whole region and the strong strength of Wendeng, we will overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and go out of our homes to embrace spring.Source: Wenden

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